Technical Support

Learn how to optimize your device when teaching in THiNKtech and how to troubleshoot when you hit obstacles.

Refresh your browser- if something seems off, always start by refreshing your browser.

Ensure your device has a strong internet connection to be able to share and interact with mult-media elements.

Make sure your browser is up to date- using the most up-to-date versions of Chrome, Firefox, or Safari will allow THiNKtech to function to its full capabilities.

Make sure your device is updated- if you’re using an old version of your computer operating system it may be best to update it for peak performance. 

Device selection- THiNKtech is optimized for learning devices such as laptops or tablets that have touch-screen functionality. 

Enable your microphone and camera- go into your browser settings and allow access to your microphone and camera for to add video and audio elements to your lessons.

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