FAQ’s for Parents

Answers to the most basic questions that parents have.

How does my child log in to THiNKtech?

Start by having your child go to gothinktech.com. Select the “Student” icon in the top right corner of the screen. From there, enter your child’s name and the lesson ID provided by their teacher and hit enter! You can also join directly by going to join.thinktechsolutions.org. Lesson ID codes can be provided by being posted to your child’s LMS or sent out via email. 

How do I view my child’s grades?

When your child is completing a Quiz iT or Sort iT you can see instant feedback as soon as they complete the lesson. For other tools, there is no right or wrong answer therefore the teacher must communicate back to you and your child their thoughts on your child’s work via LMS, text or email. Some teachers may choose to add “feedback” to a lesson which allows students or families to communicate questions and concerns back to the teacher.

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