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Awesome teaching tools that use student content and conversation to create a shared learning experience!

The THiNKtech Experience

Engage Students

Providing all students an opportunity and voice in the classroom is essential to learning. Our slick and simple interface motivates students to engage with your learning activities. On our platform, kids create the content while you lead the way.

Connectivity and Conversation

Students collaborate to problem-solve and interact around their ideas. Through our whole-class galleries and live lesson teaching tools, learning moments become strengthened through a shared experience.

Responsive Teaching

Our comprehensive lesson data allows teachers to see what their students are thinking in real-time so they can make informed decisions and update their live lessons to close learning gaps as they happen.

Why THiNKtech?

Innovation The tools to build or convert any lesson, for any subject, at any grade level.
Analysis Real-time data to close learning gaps and drive instruction.
Critical Thinking Everything necessary to create authentic assessments in one place.
Engagement Simple. Fun. Interactive.
Conversation Student galleries of donated work drive discussion.
Assessment Easily create any formative or summative assessment.
Responsiveness Responsive teaching tools to update lessons on the fly.
Connectivity Promote social-emotional learning and a growth mindset at the same time.
How iT All Started

With a passion for education and a desire to change the odds for every student, we set out on a journey to work alongside practitioners to learn what exactly they needed to leverage the power of technology without disrupting their tried and true lessons and methods.  Through surveys, interviews, observation lessons, and testing we meticulously and intentionally designed tools that were built the way teachers wanted.

We then did the same with students in every grade.  Overwhelmingly, students shared that they wanted to do more, talk more, and work with their peers more.

It was more than clear, teachers and students found a greater purpose in school when the learning was an experience.  After years of strategic planning and innovative design, we built a platform to be the ultimate three-way bridge, connecting student to teacher, teacher to student, and student to student.

Simple and easy to use, flexible and versatile, fun and entertaining, and most importantly, impactful.  THiNKtech is redefining teaching and learning one classroom at a time.

What our teachers are THiNKing!

On days that I launch THiNKtech lessons, I feel like my students are getting a different experience and maximizing their potential.
Lisa Hasse, AP US History Teacher Jeffco Public Schools; Denver, Colorado
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