Enhance your classroom with a teacher-assistant that never leaves your side.

Created by teachers in the classroom, THiNKtech is designed to help teachers engage students, promote deeper thinking and learning, and develop responsive teaching strategies.

Our Goals

Engage Students

Providing all students an opportunity and voice in the classroom is essential to learning. Our apps draw students into the content being studied with a slick interface that’s easy to use.

Think Deeper

By helping instructors design critical thinking follow-up questions that can be embedded into activities, we seamlessly provide multiple opportunities for students to work through the topics being studied.

Mastery Learning

Mastery Learning can take place once a student has a chance to reflect and revise their work. Our tools create classrooms where students do the work and then lean on each other to maximize their potential.

What We Value

Innovation Teachers thinking outside the box.
Analysis Real time data to drive instruction.
Critical Thinking Mastering intellectual process.
Engagement Students thinking deeper about content.
Accountable Talk Students talking to each other about content.
Assessment Constantly evaluate student achievement.
Responsiveness Routinely adapting instruction to student performance.
Connectivity Helping students bridge content to the world around them.
How iT All Started

Our story begins as early 1:1 iPad adopters in a region where there was little support.  Oddly, in an era that advertised itself as having an app for nearly everything, there was a lack of sound professional development to help teachers and school districts make sense of it all.

After years of evolving the definition of “technology integration,” we believe the digital classroom experience needs guidance.  Specifically, a lesson design framework that is accompanied by simple digital tools that empowers students, and teachers, to spend more time authentically engaging in course content.  Additionally, teachers need real-time data to enhance their responsiveness to individualize each child’s experience within a lesson.

Welcome to THiNKtech Solutions, change the odds for every student in your classroom and maximize their learning potential.

What our teachers are THiNKing!

On days that I launch THiNKtech lessons, I’ve found another level of connectivity between my class and me! All of my students are engaged and love how interactive using THiNKtech is.
Lisa Hasse, AP US History Teacher Jeffco Public Schools; Denver, Colorado
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