Introducing Poll iT

Collect student feedback in real-time.

How Poll iT Works

Poll iT is the easiest way to obtain 100% participation in any lesson.  Teachers select a poll type, create a question/prompt, and add media such as video, images and pdf’s.

Students use one-touch and click and drag functionality to answer questions.  Colorful visuals ensure that whole class or individual student data is immediately available and easy to digest.

Use the flexibility of Poll iT to drive class discussions by:

  • Asking students to make predictions
  • Traditional polls and surveys
  • Ranking criteria
  • Agree/Disagree prompts
  • Rate abstract concepts

App Features


Have students share their opinion by selecting from pre-populated responses.

Rating Scale Questions

Lead class discussions with data from linear numeric and Likert scale questions.

Rank Order Questions

Foster social-emotional learning by asking students to share their beliefs and point of view with ranking questions.


Quickly check-in with students on essential content to monitor their progress throughout a lesson.

What our teachers are THiNKing!

The ability to hear from all my students at once makes it easy for me to maintain a high level of engagement at all times.
Scott Aquilino, AP World History Sweet Home High School; Amherst, NY
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