Infinite Teaching Possibilities.

Launch interactive lessons where student content and conversation become the center of the classroom.

Think iT

Visualize student thoughts by generating whole class word clouds.

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Sort iT

Build flash cards with terms or images for students to classify.

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Check iT

Collect writen responses to open ended questions.

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Sketch iT

Annotate PDFs and images or give students a blank canvas to draw.

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Speak iT

Give every student a voice by collecting audio responses.

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Poll iT

Foster whole class discussion by collecting student opinions in real time.

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Quiz iT

Formally assess students through a variety of question types.

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Flip iT

Have students create their own content though video responses.

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Have students work collaboratively and submit as a group

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Teach dynamic lessons virtually or in-class

Build quick tasks or complete reusable lessons

Our apps achieve whole-class engagement with full participation. You get access to the digital tools necessary to place students at the center of their own individualized learning pace.

Integrate with other tech tools

Our uniquely designed suite allows teachers to connect and share with tools like Google Classroom. Each lesson or activity can be shared to your LMS or directly sent to students.

Get real-time data as your students work

Designed to aggregate whole-class and individual student results our visually appealing data helps students reflect on their own learning while teachers instantly adapt to promote responsive teaching.

Quickly build or convert any lesson into a dynamic learning experience.

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Impactful instruction made easy!

Customize & Create Point - Click - Type. Create content with our intuitive tools.
Launch With Ease Use our copy link feature to easily enter students into your lesson.
Student Engagement Our slick design quickly engages students into activities.
Download Results Analyze and share student work from any lesson.
Content Library Our lesson library will guide you in the right direction to get the most from your students.
Collaborate Share your learning tasks and lessons with colleagues to save time.
Real-time Student Data Instantly view whole class or individual student data to address leaning loss in real-time.
Versatility The tools you need to create and launch any lesson, to any student, in any grade, anywhere.

Made for teachers and districts to excel in 2024

Our team combines years of educational experience with cutting-edge technology in order to deliver tools to maximize teaching and leaning.

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School Districts are Supercharged by THiNKTech

Your district can unlock the network effect when on-boarding multiple schools. Online and in-person professional development available to support our interactive suite of apps.