Introducing Flip iT

Student produced content through video responses.

How Flip iT Works

Flip iT is an awesome way to have students create content and power up your class discussions. Provide your students a topic or prompt along with your teaching materials or a video of your own.

Students respond by creating their own video content and uploading it right from their device to donate to the class gallery. Teachers can use Flip iT to share the gallery of donated videos with the whole class and our live teaching tools to drive discussion, annotate, and highlight student work.

Use Flip iT to have students engage their peers with their own produced content by:

  • Readers Response
  • Debate and Opinions
  • Show Me Activities
  • News Anchor Updates
  • Video Flashcards


App Features

Content Creation

Students create videos right from their devices to respond to a topic, questions, or prompt.

Student feedback

Have students interact with other videos and offer peer feedback.

Highlight Student Work

Build confidence in your students and promote social-emotional growth by highlighting their work in front of the whole class.

Download Student Submissions

Teachers can easily share student work by downloading a submission individually. Further engage students by adding their video as the upload in another THINKtech task

What our Teachers are THiNKing!

"What makes Flip iT incredible is that I can create learning tasks for my students that are relatable because of the influence of social media.
Brian Turner , Foreign Language, Sweet Home High School, Amherst NY
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