Introducing Think iT

Create a visual representation of your student's thoughts.

How Think iT Works

Think iT transforms student thoughts into visually appealing word clouds in real-time.  Teachers decide on the number of responses they will require, provide a prompt or question, and then attach any media.

Students donate responses and watch with enthusiasm as the word cloud populates. Teachers can click on any word and reveal which students shared the response.  The contents of the word cloud now provide infinite possibilities for small group and whole-class discussion.

Use Think iT to make participation meaningful by:

  • Whole class brainstorming
  • Individual and peer reflection
  • Discussing popular responses
  • Recognizing patterns
  • Building icebreakers

App Features

Task Creation

Type a prompt or question, add media, and select the number of responses you would like.

Word Cloud Generator

Colorful reporting screen shows trends in student responses that can encourage participation and immediately foster classroom discussion.

Social-Emotional Growth

Click on each term to view the names and create connectivity between students who donated similar responses.

Downloadable Results

Export results to track student thinking and monitor student participation.

What our teachers are THiNKing

Think iT is such a simple way to get 100% of my students into the lesson and thinking about the big idea of the day.
3rd Grade Teacher Chicago, Illinois
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