Introducing Think iT

Activate prior knowledge by generating a class word cloud.

How Think iT Works

Think iT brings brainstorming to life by creating words clouds in real time.  Students donate responses to teacher prompts or images, such as a primary source document, a chart or a graph.

Think iT Word Clouds reveal student submissions in a clean and colorful presentation.  All students can equally participate and can feel as contributors to the whole class.  Teachers can click on terms to identify student participation.

Think iT resizes each duplicated response, which allows for authentic class discussion.  Students can engage with the word cloud by finding patterns, recognizing popular responses, and identifying gaps in their own learning.

This method of “crowdsourcing” creates enthusiasm while activating prior knowledge.

App Features

Student Engagement

Designed to be student-friendly, Think iT helps activate prior knowledge. Ask students to donate their "top" answers to the class Think iT Word Cloud.

Instant Feedback

Colorful reporting screen shows trends in student responses that can immediately foster classroom discussion. Students can participate in "crowd sourcing" content in a user-friendly format

Real Time Data

Click on each term to view the names and number of students who donated the response. Students become connected as contributors to class discussions.

Don’t Take Our Word for iT

As soon as my students see that we are using Think iT, they get excited to see the word cloud that will soon be created! As a teacher, I love being able to engage ALL students!

Think iT is an innovative way to enfranchize my quietest kids. I use Think iT as a bell ringer activity to activate knowledge at the beginning and throughout units.
Technology Coach New York State
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