Introducing Sketch iT

Note-taking and sketching tools to capture student thoughts.

How Sketch iT Works

Sketch iT is the ultimate tool to capture student thoughts in a variety of ways. Teachers type a question or prompt and then add media.  Next choose a blank canvas, image, or upload a PDF for students to annotate.

Students donate their completed work to the class gallery and student-produced content is at the center of the learning environment instantly.

Use Sketch iT for just about anything:

  • Annotate PDF’s and images
  • Show work in mathematics
  • Illustrate on a blank canvas
  • Mark up political cartoons
  • Practice Handwriting

App Features

Annotate PDF's

Quickly convert PDF's for students to annotate while using our live teaching tools to allow students to interact with class responses.

Blank Canvas

Unleash student creativity by providing them a blank canvas to draw and add shapes, images, text and links.

Draw-On Feature

Upload images and templates for students to note-make on.

Whole Class Galleries

Use student-created content to drive your lesson by sharing the gallery of donated student submissions and highlighting individual work.

What our teachers are THiNKing!

Having students show their work using Sketch iT is a game-changer in my math class because I can see what all my students are thinking as they work.
Brandi Cochran, Common Core Geometry Niagara Wheatfield High School; Sanborn, NY
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