THiNKtech Terminology

Learn our lingo and ensure you and your students are on the same page when working in THiNKtech.

Canvas: The designated space in Sketch iT for students to create content by drawing or inserting text, images, videos, shapes and links. 

Dashboard: Main screen where teachers can navigate and access all of the necessary features to create, publish, share and save their tasks and lessons.

Image Library: Copyright free images that teachers can add to any task or lesson.

Kabob: An icon with three stacked dots that when clicked will provide additional features.

Launch: The act of creating a lesson ID code to push a task or lesson live so that students can join a session.

Lesson: A combination of several tasks strung together to create a comprehensive learning experience. 

Lesson Details: Essential information entered into new lessons including title, grade level, subject and description.

Lesson ID Code: A combination of a 4 letter word and 2 digit number generated when a lesson is launched to create a unique session for students to join. 

Lesson Timeline: Order of tasks in a lesson found on the left hand side of the teacher screen.  

Live Lesson: A lesson that has been launched and has a lesson ID code that is open for students to access and participate in. 

Pause Point: A gate places between tasks that allows the teacher to control the pace of the lesson.

Public Library: Library of lessons that users have shared for others to access and download to their account library. 

Publish: Granting permission for other users to download a lesson you have created by sharing it to the public library. 

Quick Create: The ability to jump right into any tool and begin constructing a task. 

Student Navigation: A setting that teachers can turn on and off to allow a lesson to become student paced.

Task: A singular activity made from one of our seven tools. 

Task Library: The location where every task a teacher creates is stored individually to be recalled and added or launched to any lesson at any time. 

Task Type: Lesson component labels such as anticipatory set and assessment that can be attached to any task.

Teams: The ability to launch a lesson or task for students to complete and submit in collaborative groups. 

Tools: The applications offered on our platform for teachers to create a singular task or multi-task lesson.  

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