Introducing TEAMS

Launch your lessons to collaborative groups.

How TEAMS Works

TEAMS is an amazing way to have students problem-solve together all while promoting social-emotional growth in your classroom.  Teachers simply select any task or lesson and launch it in THiNKtech TEAMS.  Select the number of groups you would like, and then auto-assign or handpick your groups.

Students work together and then donate their responses to each task.  Each member of the group must approve the submission to ensure that they are in agreement on the submitted work.   Use the live lesson teaching tools to create the ultimate shared experience.

Use TEAMS to promote social-emotional growth by asking students to:

  • Collaborate
  • Give and receive feedback
  • Problem solve as a group
  • Partner work
  • Create competitions

App Features

Launch in TEAMS

Choose to launch any task or lesson to collaborative groups and take advantage of all the live lesson tools.

Choose the number of groups

Enter the number of groups you would like to divide your students into.

Auto-assign or hand pick teams

Auto-assign teams or handpick who students will be working with.

Collect collaborative responses

Students work through the lesson as a team and submit only when all team members agree on the submission so you can check for accountability.

What our teachers are THiNKing!

"TEAMS allows me to assign group work in a meaningful way that holds my students accountable to each other!
5th Grade Teacher NYC, New York
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TEAMS is a powerful add-on to transform any lesson into a collaborative experience. Unlock the power of THiNKtech and gain full access to all the features of our tools available in the suite of apps; including tips on how to maximize your lessons.

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