Introducing Sort iT

Create flashcards for students to classify and categorize.

How Sort iT Works

Sort iT is a powerful app to get students engaged with your content.  Teachers build decks of cards using text, images or math type for students to classify into groups.

Students use click and drag functionality to place each card, and then receive an accuracy score to reflect on their learning.

Use Sort iT to create discussion around:

  • Classification groupings
  • Cause and effect relationships
  • Distinguishing positive and negative impacts
  • Sequence and ordering
  • Recall and Recognition
  • Similarities and Differences

App Features

Teacher Created

Make your own deck of flashcards using text, images or math type.

Fresh Interface

Our slick design makes it fun and easy for students to complete your activity on any device.

Instant Feedback

Get data on each card, group, and student as they are working to close learning gaps in real-time.

Downloadable Results

Export the results to share with families or progress monitor with historical data.

What our teachers are THiNKing!

Sort iT is hands down my students' favorite activity. They love when they improve and beat their previous score.
2nd Grade Teacher Amherst, NY
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