Introducing Quiz iT

Create versatile assessments with individualized data.

How Quiz iT Works

The versatility of Quiz iT provides teachers a simple way to create formative and summative assessments aligned to their curriculum. Select one of our four question styles, add media, and determine a point value.  Try adding accommodations for inclusive classrooms such as test read, choice reduction, or directions clarification to meet IEP and 504 needs. We’ll provide whole-class and individual student data in real-time as students submit responses to each question.

Students will interact and complete the assessment on our slick interface with accuracy and scoring rates.  Use live lesson features to allow students to reflect on their work and go back and make corrections.

Use Quiz iT for any and all your assessment needs such as:

  • Multiple Choice
  • Matching
  • True/False
  • Sequencing
  • Formative assessments

App Features

Multiple Choice Questions

Create multiple choice questions using any combination of text, images, or math type.


Create engaging matching activities for your students using any combination of text, images, or math type.


Build any activities that ask students to order any combination of text, images, or math type.


Assess student understanding by creating true false style questions using any combination of text, images, or math type.

What our teachers are THiNKing!

"Quiz iT has hands down made me a better teacher because it allows me to address student misconceptions in my classroom as they happen.
Breean Martin- Common Core Algebra Sweet Home High School, Amherst NY
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Quiz iT is a powerful tool that saves teachers time, while allowing them to make data- driven decisions in their classroom. Unlock the power of THiNKtech and gain full access to all the features of our tools available in the suite of apps; including tips on how to maximize your lessons.

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