Introducing Speak iT

Give every student an equal voice in your classroom.

How Speak iT Works

Speak iT is the perfect way for teachers to hear from all of their students.  Teachers build speaking tasks and add media such as images, video, and pdf’s.  Launch the lesson to give every student an equal voice!

Students record their response with the ability to stop, pause and re-record.

Use Speak iT to create a safe and equal learning space by:

  • Oral assessments
  • Early literacy and reading
  • Debate
  • Peer Feedback
  • Self-reflection

App Features

Student Voice

Give every student the opportunity to record their thinking for you.

Teacher Recording

Model the expectations by adding your own recording to any task or lesson.

Class Gallery

Create connectivity by sharing responses to give students the ability to hear the thoughts of their peers.

Downloadable Results

Download student responses as an audio file to use in another task or share with parents.

What our teachers are THiNKing!

The impact my lessons have on my non-English language learners has changed dramatically now that they are comfortable sharing their voice.
Middle School Teacher New York State
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Speak iT is a powerful tool to give every student an equal voice in your classroom. Unlock the power of THiNKtech and gain full access to all the features of our tools available in the suite of apps; including tips on how to maximize your lessons.

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